Casimir Castle in Przemyśl | Casimir Castle in Przemyśl |
One of the oldest historic buildings in Przemyśl, built by Casimir the Great

In the castle interiors, one can see the royal regalia of Casimir the Great, fragments of sacral buildings from the 10th and 11th centuries and the castle dungeons. A mandatory point during the tour is to climb one of the towers and admire the panorama of Przemyśl. From this interesting perspective, one can admire the Roman Catholic Cathedral and the meandering San River. In the vicinity of the Castle, one can walk among the foundations of historic buildings and reach the vast Castle Park.

The castle was built in 1340 by King Casimir the Great. In the 16th century it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Today, it is the seat of the ZAMEK Culture and Science Center in Przemyśl, which carries out cultural events and allows visits to the site.

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Main photo: T. Beliński