CYCLING ROUTE Horyniec Zdrój – Radruż – Huta Kryształowa | CYCLING ROUTE Horyniec Zdrój – Radruż – Huta Kryształowa |
Green Velo Kingdom in Roztocze – beauty of nature and fascinating architecture

If you want to enjoy the silence of the forest and visit a unique Greek-Catholic church complex, a UNESCO heritage site, you must choose the Green Velo route leading through Horyniec Zdrój – Radruż – Huta Kryształowa.

The route to Radruż (3km) leads along a well-marked road. After a while you will reach the Subcarpathian jewel of wooden architecture – a complex comprising the Greek-Catholic church of St. Paraskevi and the bell tower. Travelling further south along Green Velo route, you will get to a cyclist’s dream place. In the middle of the tranquil forest, there is a path designed specifically and exclusively for cyclists, and further in Huta Kryształowa you can admire an enchanting Linden Avenue. You can go back to Horyniec by equally picturesque route going through Basznia Górna and Wólka Horyniecka.

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Photo: M. Bosek