Final stop of the narrow gauge train in Dynów | Final stop of the narrow gauge train in Dynów |
The end station of the 46-kilometre long route of the narrow gauge train

The 46-kilometre long route of Bieszczady Train ends in Dynów. The final station was built here alongside with the train station of regular-gauge railway, the latter being used by passenger trains and freight trains. It was here that agricultural produce and other materials were transferred from local trains to freight trains, to be carried to other regions of the country.  A roundhouse was also located here. From 2002 the narrow-gauge trains are used exclusively for tourism related purposes. A trip from Przeworsk to Dynów by Pogórzanin train is the region’s major attraction.  In Dynów you can also visit open-air museum of railway technology and admire the original rolling stock of the Bieszczady Train, including steam locomotive and freight carriages.


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