Greek Catholic tserkov in Bonarówka | Greek Catholic tserkov in Bonarówka |
Greek Catholic tserkov of the Most Holy Mother of God Pokrov, today Roman Catholic filial church of Protection of Our Most Holy Mother - Trail No. 1 (Krosno-Brzozów) of the Wooden Architecture Route

The first tserkov existed at this site as early as 1460. Uniate parish was established here in  1630, and the new church was built at the time. The oldest part of the building is the sanctuary with a pro­the­sis (today northern sacristy) and part of the log wall along the nave (with the northern portal), presumably dating from the 1600s. In those times the tserkov comprised three sections and featured three domes. The building was thoroughly altered in 1841. The length of the sanctuary and prothesis was significantly reduced (on the western side). The section comprising the nave was extended eastward and westward, and covered with coved wood-board ceiling. The newly built elements included the southern sacristy and porch of the northern portal. Added to the west of the nave in the late 1800s, the timber frame tower held the women’s section.