Horyniec-Zdrój | Horyniec-Zdrój |
Horyniec-Zdrój is situated in the border area between Tarnogród Plateau and the Roztocze Highland; this is the easternmost spa resort in Poland.

The earliest reference to the village of Horyniec dates from 1444. The local traditions related to healing treatments go back to the 1600s, when King John III Sobieski used to visit the area to go hunting and to take curative baths. Yet, the development of Horyniec as a health resort can be mainly credited to the Poniński family who, in the 19th century discovered and made use of the local springs of mineral water. The area is known for Poland’s best resources of healing mud. Located in low lands the resort has favourable climate, with a large number of sunny days. Patients staying here can benefit from treatments based on the healing mud and mineral water with high contents of hydrogen sulphide.

Visitors can enjoy a walk in the health resort park, which amidst the trees and shrubs features the pipe room, amphitheatre, quaint little bridges and other structures. There are also sports fields, tennis courts, playgrounds and an open air gallery, as well as a concert shell and a cafeteria.

Each year Horyniec-Zdrój hosts Biesiada Teatralna Festival, during which amateur theatres from across Poland compete for the award of Golden Horn, granted by a jury consisting of renowned theatre artists.


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Main photo by Michał Bosek