Kresowa Osada – Borderland Settlement in Basznia Dolna | Kresowa Osada – Borderland Settlement in Basznia Dolna |
A unique themed village referring to the multiculturalism of Kresy, i.e. the historic Eastern Borderlands of Poland
Kresowa Osada is a perfect place for enthusiasts of history, traditional food and active tourism  in the vicinity of natural attractions of Roztocze. People fond of culinary tourism can try original Kresy-style dishes served in an Art Nouveau restaurant, or they can bake a cake using traditional methods, in a former peasant’s croft; once a year they can enjoy the Festival of Cultures and Borderland Food. Blacksmithing, pottery, carpentry, glass manufacture, macramé and calligraphy are taught during a variety of craft workshops. The participants can take with them the handicrafts created during the workshops; visitors can also buy Kresy-style souvenirs. In the Gallery of Local History (a multimedia museum) you can enjoy a virtual changing room with costumes from the times of Hetman Sobieski and you can admire exhibits related to the history of crystal glassworks (now defunct). You can also rent sports equipment and enjoy the nearby tourist trails, including the Green Velo bicycle trail.
Kresowa Osada is a tourist attraction recognised with several awards and certificates, including 2015 Tourist Product of Podkarpackie, Certificate of Podkarpackie Flavours Route and Certificate for a Cyclist Friendly Place awarded to The Green Velo East of Poland Cycling Trail. It also won the title of the EU Gem of the Podkarpackie Region.
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Photo: W. Augustyn