Magura National Park | Magura National Park |
Magura National Park, established in 1995, comprises the spring area of the Wisłoka river, i.e. the range of Mount Magura Wątkowska, and part of the main Carpathian ridge along the border with Slovakia

An important feature of the landscape is the river Wisłoka with its numerous tributaries. It flows along picturesque ravines and bends, frequently changing its course after meeting with a major tributary.

Visitors to the park can admire here well preserved natural old fir stands as well as dominating beech forests, the rich primeval forest fauna, interesting flora, varied flysch rock formations of the Magura-type nappe. Those into cultural heritage can see here landmarks related to Łemko ethnic group.   

There are also several hiking trails in the park.

In 2005 was open Educational Centre of the Magura National Park.

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Places worth seeing in park and nearby:


Main photo: Damian Nowak