Medynia Głogowska | Medynia Głogowska |
Medynia Głogowska is located in the Sandomierska Valley, in the southern part of the Kolbuszowa Plateau, 20 km away from Rzeszów. The area, with ample resources of clay, was once a large centre of pottery manufacturing.

Here you should visit the Pottery Croft which comprises 19th century residential buildings with original utensils and furnishings, including a traditional pottery kiln. A few day long pottery workshops are organized here during summer holiday. Throughout the year organized groups and individual tourists can learn here about the techniques of using potter’s wheel, carving of clay item, and firing ceramic products in the kiln.  

Each year in July the village hosts Pottery Fairs, an event attracting large numbers of visitors interested in pottery and other handicrafts as well as folk music. On this occasion you can admire items made of clay, for instance jugs and bowls, as well as works of other craftsmen. During the Fairs you can learn the art of making a jug on a pottery wheel and make a “whistling” rooster out of clay. This is also a good occasion for trying out delicacies of rural cuisine.

The village is located along the Pottery Trail.


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