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The town is located along the Wisłoka river, in the central part of the Sandomierska Valley, in the middle of the road between Dębica and Tarnobrzeg. The oldest written record dates from 1224.

Of particular interest here is the Baroque Church of St. Mathew. The most notable features inside include the high altar with a 17th century painting depicting crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as well as a rococo style pulpit and a late Baroque baptismal font, both from the 18th century.

The oldest part of the city retains a medieval urban layout with a centrally located market square. You can also see here houses and villas typical for small towns of the late 19th/early 20th century.

Those interested in the history of the town and the region can visit the Regional Museum located in the Oborski family mansion, at 37, Legionów Street, and its Photography Department at 19, Jadernych St.

An important place on the map of the town, Góra Cyranowska Forest Park is an excellent place for leisure and recreation for people of all ages. There are walking and cycling trails, a small amphitheatre, and an artificial mountain stream, beautifully illuminated after sunset. In winter one can enjoy an approximately 116 metre long sledge track.

Mielec is home to Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze, the largest company operating in aviation industry in Poland.


Worth seeing:

  • Baroque Church of St. Mathew from the late 1600s,
  • memorial plaques in honour of victims of Katyń massacre,
  • St. Mark’s church,
  • town square,
  • monument of Jan Kiliński,
  • monument of the Nameless Soldier,
  • figure of St. Joseph,
  • figure of St. John of Nepomuk,
  • mansion built for the Oborski family in the 1800s, today home to the Regional Museum, www.muzeum-mielec.pl
  • former house of the Jaderny family, today holding Photography Department of the Regional Museum in Mielec,
  • manor house of the Suchorzewski family, from 1830,
  • building of the State School of Music,
  • Culture Centre,
  • Hirsch’ House at Mickiewicza Street,
  • building of Janusz Groszkowski School Complex,
  • anchor of Mielec ship,
  • granite rock at the gate of the Special Economic Zone,
  • dormitory built in 1911–1912,
  • chapel of St. Stanisław Kostka,
  • an obelisk at a site formerly occupied by a synagogue,
  • classicist mansion of the Wiesiołowski family, from the second half of the 1700s,
  • Iryda aircraft at the entry into the town,
  • multi-role aircraft AN-2,
  • Góra Cyranowska Forest Park,
  • natural and educational path “Do Bobra” (Towards the Beaver).