Museum of the History of Rzeszów | Museum of the History of Rzeszów |
Learn about the centuries-old history of Rzeszów from the times of the Magdeburg Law in 1354 to the World War II

Here one can see a bust of Leopold Lis-Kula from the Rzeszów monument destroyed by the Germans in 1940. Right next to it, there is a symbol of the cruel occupation - the Nazi eagle, knocked down from the castle tower. The exhibits related to the Austrian partition, i.e. the uniform of a clerk, coins and banknotes should not be missed as well. Other sights include the model of the city at of the second half of the 18th century and medieval armor.

Museum of the History of Rzeszów is a branch of the Regional Museum in Rzeszów and is located in the tenement house No. 12 in the Market Square.

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Main photo: W. Augustyn