Palace and Park of the Lubomirski family in Boguchwała | Palace and Park of the Lubomirski family in Boguchwała |
Located near Rzeszów, Boguchwała is a perfect place for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the large city, and for relaxing close to nature.

These qualities were appreciated centuries ago by Teodor Konstanty Lubomirski who chose the village, in those times called Piotraszówka, for his summer-time residence. The impressive late-Baroque palace, which was built in 1725–1729 at a site previously occupied by a fortified manor house of the Ligęza family, was modelled after the royal residence of King John III Sobieski in Wilanów. The palace was located within a Baroque French garden, on its eastern side descending towards a water parterre. In the vicinity of the palace there was a late-Baroque church and presbytery, founded by Lubomirski in 1729. In 1763, the neglected residence was acquired by the Starzyński family who later passed it to the Straszewski family. In the 19th century the palace was significantly altered, and a neo-classicist annex building was added. A pavilion covered with a mansard roof was preserved from the Late Baroque palace, but the historical spatial layout of the estate was not retained. You can however see remnants of garden terraces and old trees. From the beginning of the 20th century the palace was owned by the Suszycki family who, in 1921, donated the property to a foundation established by the family. 

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