Prządki Rock Nature Reserve | Prządki Rock Nature Reserve |
Prządki Rock nature reserve, established in 1957, comprises an area of 13.62 ha and is located north of Krosno, in the commune of Korczyna.

The picturesque rocks known as Prządki (Spinners) can be seen on top of a hill (526 m) situated along the way from the village of Korczyna to Czarnorzeki. The name of the nature reserve makes reference to a legend saying that maidens from the nearby castle were turned to stone for spinning wool on a holy day. Within the reserve there are four groups of sandstone formations. Majority of these look like large war clubs, some exceeding the height of 20 metres; there are also flat or bulky formations with cracks opening upwards. The specific rocks have been given their names, e.g. the Spinner-Mother, the Spinner-Crone, the Chieftain and the Ruffian Madej. The group of rocks called the Spinner-Mother comprises one of the tallest formations in the reserve, extending as a distance of about 30 metres, and reaching the height of 18 metres.

The reserve was established to protect the original stone formations. The development of these was mainly determined by the layout of tectonic cracks in the sandstone, combined with other factors such as physical weathering, and action of water freezing inside the porous stone. The rocks are built of Ciężkowice sandstone and Eocene slate, which have varied resilience to weathering. The characteristic forms visible here include furrows, pits and spongy surfaces.

The reserve can be toured along 5 hiking trails leading to wonderful scenic overlooks where you can admire beautiful landscapes and the Kamieniec Castle.


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Main photo: G. Gruca