Sołonka | Sołonka |
The name of the village for the first time appears in written records from 1589. Sołonka was mainly known for its springs of saline water, which was exploited as early as the 16th and 17th century, and used in large-scale salt production.

A place worth visiting in Sołonka is the Regional Museum, with expositions related to archeology, geology, history and ethnography. Here visitors can learn about the history of Sołonka and Lubenia and about lives and work of the local communities. Artefacts on display include old devices used in production of salt from brine, which were found in one of the wells in the village. 

A curiosity of the place is the Museum of Scarecrows where you can admire “ragged creatures” protecting fields against birds, or producing noise with cans or pieces of metal to scare away wild boars, foxes and roe deer .

Built in 2009–2010, “the salty cascade” has become a tourist attraction because of the healing properties of iodine-rich environment produced by it. You can drink water from the well, or just sit and relax inhaling the healthy air, while your children can have fun at the playground.


Worth seeing:

  • graduation tower,
  • stone well from the 17th century,
  • Regional Museum, and Museum of Scarecrows,
  • stone bridge from the 1800s.