South Roztocze Landscape Park | South Roztocze Landscape Park |
Discovering nature and traces of history by bike in the Podkarpacie part of Roztocze

Among the interesting places that nature has created here, the rocky natural monument "Temple of the Sun" near Nowiny Horynieckie, which was probably a place of pagan worship, deserves attention. Another natural attraction is the "Solokija" nature reserve, which protects a cluster of junipers, the highest of which is 8 meters in height.

To learn about interesting monuments, it is worth going to Stare Brusno, where the ruins of the orthodox church and a historic cemetery are located. The Molotov Line bunkers scattered around the area and hidden in the bushes should not be missed as well.

The park is located in the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships and its biggest part lies in the Podkarpacie region. It is an ideal place for cyclists, as the East of Poland Cycling Trail GREEN VELO runs through here. The main site of the park is the health resort - Horyniec-Zdrój.

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Places worth seeing in the park and the surrounding area:


Main photo: K. Kłysewicz