The Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów | The Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów |
Learn about the life of the former inhabitants of the villages of Podkarpacie – the Rzeszowiacy, the Lasowiacy and the Pogórzanie

Tourists will be able to use the folk costumes fitting room, “dress up” in front of a virtual mirror and download the image to their phone. In special closets they will find and touch samples of fabrics from which clothes were once sewn. Their interest will also be aroused by the collections of musical instruments, folk jewelry and a weaving workshop.

The Ethnographic Museum is a branch of the Regional Museum in Rzeszów and is located in the tenement house No. 6 in the Market Square. In addition to a rich collection of folk costumes, it also presents interesting temporary exhibitions.

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Main photo: W. Augustyn