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The Podkarpackie Route of the First World War Eastern Front refers to major events which took place in 1914-1915 in the region.

The main part of the trail leads from the border of the Małopolskie region, through Podkarpackie, as far as the border with the Lubelskie region. It leads to locations connected with the First World War, such as military cemeteries and relics of fortifications.

The most interesting cemeteries include those in the vicinity of Jarosław, Sieniawa, as well as Przemyśl, Lubaczów and Horyniec-Zdrój. The itinerary leads through major garrison towns, i.e. Rzeszów, Jarosław and Przemyśl, where you can see numerous historical buildings once used as barracks. For those interested in WWI the latter city is most impressive; here you can see structures of the large fortress which witnessed numerous major battles. During a tour along the Route of the First World War Eastern Front you can take breaks and visit the most famous aristocratic residences, medieval settlements and hillforts as well as landmarks along the Wooden Architecture Route.

One should not forget that the recommended trail leads only to selected locations in the region, while operations of the First World War also took place in other areas, especially in the Bieszczady and Low Beskids. Indeed, of particular importance for the fortunes of Europe were the battles of the Dukla Pass and the Łupków Pass.  

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Length of the Route: approx. 440 km